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When you are searching for an air conditioning company in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area, Island Aire is one of the leading choices for most business owners. We’ve been a local leader in installing HVAC systems for several years.

Our contractors have already completed hundreds of projects throughout the area, including central A/C for commercial buildings. Whether it’s about installing or servicing old units, we work hard to meet your expectations.

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Commercial A/C Service You Can Count On

Suppose you’re up in the market for reliable commercial HVAC near me in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area to satisfy your cooling needs for a large-scale industrial project or multi-unit apartment building. In that case, Island Aire has all the necessary equipment, seasoned contractors, and in-depth know-how to provide you with the highest quality service possible.

We pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects in a timely manner and consistently meet customer satisfaction. Each of our technicians is trained and certified with the highest credentials in the industry.

We Provide:

A/C Installation

Ventilation is an essential part of green buildings, and commercial A/C installation services are necessary to ensure that ventilation works fine. It purifies indoor air and keeps humidity levels in check. 

Our experience in commercial conditioning in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area will come in handy to tackle any air conditioning installation you need. Hire us today and enjoy fresh, clean air throughout your surroundings! LEARN MORE

A/C Replacement

In the event that your A/C malfunctions or gets damaged, it would be a great idea to hire professionals for the necessary repair. Using our state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we can quickly detect any problems you are dealing with in your system. Trust us when we say you can expect nothing less than superior workmanship from our team of experts. LEARN MORE

A/C Repair

It’s not always economical to buy a brand new air conditioner for your office, especially if the issue to be tackled is only minimal. Rather than spending thousands of dollars, we recommend saving your hard-earned profits for emergency use by calling in our technicians. LEARN MORE

Our commercial air conditioning in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area provides quality outcomes, coupled with friendly experts and fair rates.

A/C Maintenance

In most cases, a dramatic increase in energy costs is due to a dirty or clogged evaporator coil, filter, and/or compressor. These are crucial for your A/C’s maximum function.

Our maintenance services include cleaning or changing air filters, checking thermostats and system controls, lubricating moving parts, and clearing condensate drain lines. LEARN MORE

The Importance of Professional Air Conditioning Service

Having an air conditioning system in your workplace is like having a faithful companion that you can always count on. This mechanical device performs remarkable feats, but only when functioning correctly. While you may take comfort in knowing that your air conditioning unit is there to keep you cool when the temperature rises outside, you also need to make sure it is receiving proper maintenance.

Without this proactive approach, your household would be at risk of dealing with avoidable problems and repairs in the future. These may include poor indoor air quality, compromised energy efficiency, and shortened lifespan of the components involved.

Our Trusted Experts Are Ready to Go Beyond #1

Investing in our commercial A/C services is one of the practical ways you can do to maintain your unit’s energy efficiency, minimize the risk of breakdowns in the future, and save money on your monthly utility bills.

Request an appointment with our flexible scheduling, expect no hidden or surprise costs, and guarantee fast service.

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You can trust Island Aire for all your air conditioning needs – installation, repair, maintenance, name it! Our specialists will diagnose and resolve even the most complicated issues with utmost ease. From a broken thermostat to a faulty compressor, our team can fix it.

We offer same-day service in most cases, so make sure to grab this hassle-free opportunity! Browse our portfolio to gain more insights on what we do, or call us at (727) 867-0975 today. Always happy to be of service!