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Is your air conditioning unit blowing hot air? Are you looking for an A/C specialist who offers commercial A/C maintenance in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area? Island Aire is the company to call! We have been providing the highest quality comfort system services, and our clients love the output of our hard work.

Our comfort specialists always adhere to strict safety standards and procedures every time they perform service on a unit. Up-to-date equipment enables us to test your entire HVAC system with little disruption to your business environment. Our industry knowledge ensures that any necessary repairs are done correctly the first time around.

Commercial A/C Maintenance Services Tierra Verde

Why Schedule Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance?

It is simple math: The longer your system runs without proper maintenance, the more money it will take to cool your space during warm months. A routine maintenance appointment not only helps replace leaking or damaged seals that can lead to heat loss but also provides an opportunity to check all parts of the unit for wear and tear or issues that could end up costing you big bucks.

The average air conditioning inspection costs around $75 (and some companies offer free inspections). Why would you risk running an inefficient system for the summer when having it serviced costs only a fraction of what your energy bills might be? Plus, you can extend the lifespan of your unit for several years!

Commercial Businesses We Serve

Other than office buildings, our commercial A/C maintenance in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area is also ideal for:

  • Commercial malls
  •  Medical centers
  • Data centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Factories
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hotels 

Benefits of Routine Commercial A/C Maintenance Service

Commercial air conditioning and heating equipment often use more energy than you think. It is said to consume up to 30% of your business’s entire electric bill! Therefore, you should do routine maintenance every six months, but it would also depend on the actual usage of the equipment.

Here are some benefits that you might get from having it regularly maintained by reliable commercial A/C maintenance companies in Pinellas County Beaches and the Greater St. Petersburg Area.

  1. Your ongoing maintenance contract can ensure that you avoid problems with your equipment.
  2. The repairs will be much cheaper when done regularly than waiting for the unit to break down or when trying to fix it after it has already incurred considerable damage due to a lack of proper care and attention.
  3. Most units are equipped with a monitoring system where technicians can check if there’s anything wrong with the equipment even before problems arise during scheduled maintenance periods (usually every six months).
  4. Improve air quality, which can lead to higher productivity among workers. It may also increase morale and promote better health.

Keep Your System in Peak Condition!

Early detection is vital when it comes to maintaining a healthy air conditioning system. We at Island Aire know this better than anyone. Part of our work is cleaning coils, evacuating refrigerant from a system, changing filters, oiling motors, etc.

You have the satisfaction of knowing your unit is being checked for safety hazards that could lead to costly repairs later on if ignored.

Contact the Experts Now for Quality A/C Maintenance Service!

To ensure your building’s air-cooling unit is working properly throughout the year schedule, schedule an appointment with one of our certified contractors today.

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